How to Start an Online Coffee Business

coffee-business-04You can start online coffee business to sell ground and whole bean coffee to coffee lovers everywhere. You should create large inventory so customers have a variety of blends to choose.

Create a website with photos and description of coffee blend so customers can find out what they can expect when their coffee arrives.

Things you’ll need

Business license


Starting online coffee business

– You should get a business license to start you own online coffee business. To get the license you must contact Small Business Administration office.

– Create a home office to store your coffee beans and coffee accessories such as coffee filters, coffee grinders and mugs.

-Create a website where you will represent your coffee business. The website must contain pictures, descriptions and prices for each coffee blend. You should put there contact information, ordering and payment methods, and the shipping options, as well.

-You can roast your coffee or you can buy coffee from local trade vendors. Give customers many choices. You can sell ground and whole bean coffee.

-Advertise you business by making fliers, business cards and brochures to attract your potential customers. Create an online newsletter, too. You can send occasional emails to promote sales or to introduce customers with new coffee blends.

Tips and warnings

You must register a domain name that is close to your business name because that is the way that customers can easily find you online and also to easily remember that name.  A domain is your website address. You should research available domain names by using online databases such as ICANN.

Do not use free web-hosting services because they post advertisements on customer websites to earn profit. You will not have control over the types of ads that appear on your website, if you choose free web-hosting.

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